Motorcycle Traveler


Motorcycle Traveler is a collection of captivating stories with lots of photography about ten countries where Peter Starr has ridden during the past few years. In the current vernacular, this is “adventure touring” for those, like Starr, who are unlikely to cross the Sahara Desert or climb to extreme mountainous heights on a motorcycle. In other words, this is “adventure touring” for the 99% of motorcycle riders.

If Starr learned one thing from his adventures, it is that when touring other countries on a motorcycle, you make friends that will likely last through the rest of your lifetime. And unlike touring in a car or a tour bus, people that meet you are inquisitive about you, your bike and why you are exploring the world on two wheels. And their fascination does not end there. You are likely to be offered hospitality that few others will ever experience and certainly not what you would be shown while participating on a tour bus ride.

In his own words Peter Starr opens up a storehouse of personal recollections from his rides through twelve counties while mounted on a great variety of motorcycles. Being a history and geography buff, he offers insight to these locations vastly beyond what one could ever expect from tour brochures and internet testimonials. He further lays to rest some of the fears that people have about exploring foreign lands, whether the fear is the lack of knowledge of the language – many, many people abroad now learn English as a second language and it is fluently spoken in the international travel industry, or a fear of having to interact with people who might not be friendly. Indeed, as Starr points out, a love of motorcycling can bridge a lot of language gaps and in fact be the key to some lasting friendships.

In his new book Starr has managed communicate the marvels and curiosities that await a motorcycle tourist. Beautifully illustrated with photographs that are a fitting compendium to the fluency of the manuscript. In many ways this is a fitting follow-up to Starr’s previous book “Taking It To The Limit – 20 Years of Making Motorcycle Movies” and hopefully the harbinger of many more books to come from Starr’s personal experience in the field of motorcycling.





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