Peter Starr, AMA Motorcycle Hall of Famer, changed the world of motorcycle racing with the first ever camera-bike. A rider, camera operator, and boom operator were able to cruise down the track with ease. It captured the speed and sensation of motorcycle racing for the viewer. Starr’s Take It to the Limit film shows the intricacies of the rig and plenty of amazing footage to show just what it was capable of. Filming roaring bikes at top speed would never be the same, thanks to him. 

Camera operators and driver

Overhead view of the camera rig

From documentaries, TV specials, and commercials Peter Starr has done it all. He has been successful in his purpose of showing others the excitement and thrill that motorcycles have to offer. You can truly immerse yourself in the competitiveness of racing, togetherness of fellow riders, and the desire to feel at one with the road in his books and documentaries. Motorcycling has long been, and forever will be, Peter Starr’s way of life.